Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Now, you might be wondering why Peri and Tom O'Bedlam were still at Jack's house. You may not know this, but when you go on the run from an imaginary monster, you may not have that much money, so you there are not a whole lot of places to stay.

I mean, some of the runners we saw we found were sleeping in their cars and if they couldn’t afford a car, they were sleeping on the streets. Alleyways, parking garages, public restrooms. They suffered from malnutrition and very poor health. I mean, most of the "killings" of runners that are attributed to the Slender Man are just due to living on the streets. I mean, do you know how many homeless people die every year?

So when you come across a rent-free house, you tend to stay there, no matter if the owner is on the run himself. I don't blame them. Perhaps they even tried to carry on his work -- though without all that pretentious twaddle he was spouting, I hope. 

"We can give them a better life," I said to Jack on the way over. "We can give them new lives."

"Like the new life you gave to Adam Krug?" he asked.

"He was an experiment," I said. "You can’t make an omelette without, you know, killing a few people."

He was quiet all the rest of the way over. I guess he doesn't like omelettes.

 -- The Scissorman

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