Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(Any Colour You Like)

mr nothing is here. i can see him. can i?

No he's not real. He's just an idea. Get it right.

of course hes real. hes mr nothing. hes made of nothing. nothing at all.

No, he's a meme-complex. He's not there. Look, I can try to touch him and my hand

My hand

my hand

myhandcanfeelsomething oh god

see hes real hes mr nothing cant you see?

my mind is screaming why am i still typing why don’t I run or get out of here please let me out let me out

hes mr nothing. hes nothing at all.

What are the others doing? Are they leaving? Don’t leave me! Don’t go! Goddamn you! I’ll kill you all!

run rabbit run run from mr nothing

What are you? Why are you typing?

i'm the scissorman. dont you remember?

Yes, I remember. We saw him and we


we became the Scissorman.

the door flew open and in he ran





slender man

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