Thursday, April 12, 2012

So yeah.

He's doing better. More lucid now. His wound is at least healing fine. He's going to have a heck of a scar, but don't we all?

So, yeah, about the Plague Doctor. Don't get me wrong, the thing we're running from, the thing we're fighting against is the Slender Man. But you can't help but notice other things while running. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if the Slender Man exists, then other things could exist, too.

Of course, it helps when they all have servants and things with symbols and whatnot. This is the Plague Doctor's symbol - aptly named "the Stick and the Serpent." His servants are Oathbreakers. Like their boss, they spread corruption and disease and what the fuck they would want with Skeptic, I have no idea.

Just another mystery, I guess.


  1. Jesus fucking Christ. As if ONE elderitch abomination wasn't enough.

    Wish you luck Peri. Keep Skeptic safe and let us know once he gets better. Try and keep Tom from killing himself.

    Keep updated.

  2. Still wanting to fight your war? Quick question: when we've used up all our time and energy fighting just one of these things, how do you think the others will respond to our weakened and exahusted state? Just something to consider.

    See you around

    1. One eldritch abomination at a time, I say. Kill the fucking Slender Man and then see what can be done about the rest.

  3. Well, looks like you guys have your hands full. The Slender Man really isn't my problem, so I guess your war isn't any help to me. Call me when you go after the Archangel.