Monday, March 12, 2012

Anguis sub viridi herba.

Time flies, Death urges, knells call, Heaven invites, 
Hell threatens.

It has occurred to me that if an army of runners did gather, they would be more vulnerable to attack from proxies. If I was a servant to the Slender Man, I might even try to gather together runners for just this purpose. The disparate and haphazard way that runners are spread throughout the world is a disadvantage, yes, but it is also an advantage: if one of you dies, there are still many others out there.

I wonder if I am doing right. Should I try to make an army? Can we war without a full force at our side?

Time will tell.

There is purpose in pain, 
Otherwise it were devilish.

The headaches are back.


  1. Not just the Proxies. The authorities who have no fucking clue what's going on would think we were terrorists or something. That's not counting groups like the Lonely Hearts Club who might come after such an army just for rocking the boat. Guerrilla operations by individuals or small groups have a better chance of success when it comes to dealing with the Proxies. As for tall dark and faceless, I've never seen big game hunting end well.

    1. That does not change the fact that an army is still needed to wage a war. Perhaps an army spread out, not large but connected.

      But your concerns over being mistaken for terrorists is also valid and something to think over.

  2. Well, proxies COULD be an issue, but I believe Runners outnumber agents, so we might stand a chance fighting them. As for Hollowed... they aren't exactly brilliant, I think we could deal with them.

    1. Even if runners outnumber agents, it would not take many agents to harm a roomful of runners. Just one, perhaps, with a machine gun and many would die.

      Still, an army is needed. But perhaps an army that is widespread, one that no single blow can cripple.